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Linen Curtain Panel Rosa Garza - 140 x 245 cm, ROSA
Linen Curtain Panel Rosa Garza - 140 x 245 cm, ROSA

Linen Curtain Panel Rosa Garza

245 × 140 × 0 cm


The Garza curtain with rod pocket is a super-light curtain with a delightfully sheer quality. It hangs beautifully and will add a simple elegance to your interior. Finished with a rod pocket heading and crafted from prewashed pure linen in a 85 gr/m2 weight. Available in 6 colours

  • 140 x 214 cm, 140 x 245 cm, 140 x 275 cm, 140 x 280 cm, 140 x 305 cm, 140 x 320 cm
  • 100% linen, machine washing
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Prewashed
  • Listed price is for one curtain panel.


European Flax

When properly looked after, our linen homewares will keep on looking beautiful and performing brilliantly for years. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your linen product:


- Machine wash up to 40 C – don’t use higher temperatures as these can damage the fabric’s fibres, causing wear and shrinkage
- Wash linen items separately from other fabrics
- Separate white, dark and coloured linens
- Use the gentle cycle and don’t overload your machine – ensuring garments have sufficient space means they can rinse and dry properly
- Never use bleach

Drying and storing

- Tumble dry on a low heat or gentle setting
- If ironing, steam rather than simply hot pressing
- Make sure linen items are completely dry before putting away
- Store somewhere dry (preferably in linen bags)